Posted by: SB Websites | November 3, 2012

03/11/12 Autumn and Winter 2012/2013 Poll

The Autumn and Winter 2012/2013 poll is now available below. It is for the tram which has been the most interesting during the past 6 months, with an article being written about the winner after the poll has ended next year.

Why were the trams nominated?

Twin 272+T2 – The most anticipated tram to return to service has been this twin car which is now fully operational as part of the heritage fleet. The original all over cream livery is something that has never been seen on an operational Blackpool tram for many of years and has since been used on illumination tours on a number of occasions.

Brush 627 – Although not operational, 627 has returned to the promenade as a static display on the Pleasure Beach turning circle. Painted white and gold, the tram is branded as “The Queens Diamond Jubilee” giving a striking look after the cosmetic restoration was completed at Kirkham Prison.

Balloon 700 – The first of the Balloon cars to be painted into the new purple and white livery and first seen at the 2012 Fleetwood Tram Sunday. During the half term week, it was used daily alongside other Balloon cars which represented the first major use of the Balloon class for the year.

Rocket 732 – The Rocket is the second tram to become a static exhibit as part of the 2012 illuminations and also saw cosmetic restoration carried out to improve its appearance. 732 is currently on display at Gynn Square Roundabout, with fully working lights bringing a view from the past of what is one of the most popular illuminated trams.


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