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04/02/13 News Update

Flexity Update

Although there have been no new adverts this month to the Flexity trams, January has been notable due to the return of 002, 005 and 006 to passenger service after each having a lengthy lay-off. 002 is perhaps the most elusive having not carried passengers since its one journey in passenger service during Easter 2012 having remained on driver training ever since its return to Blackpool until late January when it carried out its first full day of passenger service. 005 has also been absent from the tramway during January, although the reason for this was not known and it has since returned to regular service. The third tram out of service recently is 006 which was last used in August 2012 and has since been stripped of various parts to keep other Flexity’s roadworthy. However, 006 has since been fixed and also re-entered service during January. This now means that for the first time all 16 Flexity’s are operational though it remains to be seen how long this lasts for.

Trams on Tour

The Winter season rarely sees any vintage trams in use which made for a welcome sight when Twin 272+T2 was used by the Fyle Tramway Society on a tour on the 29th December 2012. The tour lasted the majority of the day which included journey’s to Fleetwood providing a rare chance to see and ride on a historic tram operating over the whole tramway. A second tour occurred on the 5th of January where the ‘Friends of 40’ hired Box car 40 for a trip to Fleetwood, also making a rare Winter outing.

Snowplough in Service

With the majority of the country being hit by blizzards of snow causing transport to come to a halt in many places, Blackpool was largely unaffected with only a light dusting. However, on two occasions the snow was warranted bad enough to enable Snowplough Balloon 701 to be pressed into service where it performed runs to Fleetwood and back to clear the snow. This was thought to be a precautionary measure as the snow was unlikely to effect the running of the Flexity’s, especially in Fleetwood which escaped with a mild dusting. Balloon 723 was also fitted with a snowplough and remains based at Rigby Road and although prepared for service on a few occasions it was never required so remained in depot. With the month just turning to February there is still a chance the snow will return which could allow for more use of 701 and allow 723 to once again be seen on the promenade.


701 is seen at North Pier on the 25th September 2010, where it has remains in largely the same condition ever since.

Tigeriffic to Return

The Lancastrian Transport Trust have announced that the Tigeriffic advert applied to Brush car 622 will be returning this year in a similar format. The future of the tram is designated to be a static classroom at Anchorsholme Primary School in Cleveleys with a similar style livery being applied. To make the tram suited to its new role, changes will occur including the removal of the first two rows of seats at each end, fluorsecent lighting, floor mounted fan heaters and power sockets will be installed although the swing over seating will be retained. It is hoped that 622 will be moved to its new home during the Easter school holidays.

Autumn and Winter 2012/2013 Poll Reminder

The poll for the most interesting tram during the Autumn and Winter period is coming to an end soon with the closing date on the 28th of February. Currently, Twin 272+T2 is leading with 41.54% of votes and is followed by Rocket 732 with 33.85% so there is still time for the winner to change.  If you would like to vote and currently have not, this can be done by clicking on the link at the top of the page. The winning tram will have an article wrote from when it was new to the current day.


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