Posted by: SB Websites | March 9, 2013

09/03/13 Autumn and Winter 2012/2013 Poll Results

The Autumn and Winter 2012/2013 tram poll has now came to an end with Twin 272+T2 taking victory, undoubtedly due to it entering service in cream as part of the heritage fleet having gained 45.95% of votes. The twin car won by 10 votes with second place going to Rocket 732 with 32.43% (24 Votes), third place went to Balloon 700 with 13.51% (10 Votes) and last went to Brush 627 with 8.11% (6 Votes). Within the next week an article will be written detailing the history of 272+T2 and up to the present day showing how its role has changed over time.


672+682 (As it was numbered at the time) is seen at North Pier heading Northbound on a journey to Cabin on the 1st October 2011.

Below are the full results from the poll:

Twin 272+T2 – 45.95% – 34 Votes

Brush 627 – 8.11% – 6 Votes

Balloon 700 – 13.51% – 10 Votes

Rocket 732 – 32.43% – 24 Votes

A full news update will be posted tomorrow


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