Posted by: SB Websites | March 25, 2013

25/03/13 News Update

Heritage Trams On Tour

Although the Winter does not see any heritage trams used in public service, the Western Train made a rare outing on the Promenade on the 14th February.  This saw the Western Train 733+734 in use on private hire operating between Pleasure Beach and Little Bispham and was the first time  the train saw use since the end of the illuminations in November. Open Top Balloon 706 ‘Princess Alice’ was also in use during the Spring operating a private hire on the 13th March with both trams expected to be in use for the 2013 heritage tours.

Flexity 002 Named

Flexity 002 has became the first of its type to be named, in the form of Alderman E. E. Wynne who worked for Blackpool Council for 38 years and was the Mayor of Blackpool from 1972 to 1973.  The name has been carried on both ends of the tram ever since re-entering service in February, bringing the Flexity fleet to full strength with all 16 operational.

Extended Illuminations Season

A further benefit should be made to the tramway this year as the illuminations are due to run for a further week into November. The funding for this has been made possible thanks to Merlin Entertainments, who now have a several Blackpool Attractions including the Tower, Madame Tussauds and the Sealife centre.

Heritage Service 2013

It was known by many that the heritage service during 2012 had not been as successful as originally hoped, with many journeys carrying very light loads. The decision has therefore been taken to reduce the output for 2013, with the service operating over only bank holiday weekends. The first services will operate over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend from the 29th March till the 1st April and will use two trams operating between Pleasure Beach and Bispham with the same £10 day ticket being retained. However, on a more positive development the first and last tour of the day will extend to Fleetwood Ferry which will prove popular with enthusiasts, hopefully ensuring this year’s tours will be more successful. There are also many other interesting developments showing Blackpool Transport’s commitment to the heritage tours which includes 701 entering the heritage fleet, along with a farewell tour on Centenary 642 which will be used as spare parts for 648. Centenary 648 is also expected to be repainted into a variant of green and cream later in the year with work currently progressing on Brush 631 which has already included fitting of swing over seats from 700, traditional head lights and sprung bumpers while the exterior of the tram will soon be painted into a variant of green and cream.

600, 632, 717

600, 632 and 717 are seen at Pleasure Beach on the 26th June 2011. 600 and 717 will remain part of the growing heritage fleet and should be used throughout the year.


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