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08/06/12 News Update

First Flexity Involved in an Incident

The first incident involving a Flexity tram occurred on the 22nd of May in the form of 014, which only entered services a few days prior to this. The incident happened at Rossall Square road crossing where a car crossed the tram lines on a red light which caused minor damage to 014 and slightly worse damage to the car. Within a few days, 014 was back out in service with the front end panel replaced with one from out of service 001, which has now been stored out of use for over two months. It is distinct in that the number is currently ‘0’ with the ’14’ not yet applied.

604 Ready to Return

The repaint to Boat Tram 604 has now been completed in the same 1970’s green and cream as it previously carried along with George Fornby disks in the trolley tower. Providing everything goes to plan, the tram should debut on the heritage tour on the 9th of June while the 10th will see Centenary 648 return to use as part of the heritage fleet. Initially 648 will retain its Houndshill advert livery, but is hoped that funds can be raised for a repaint in the near future.

604 is entering the promenade for an afternoon on specials on the 22nd of May 2010, the tram will look very much the same (though considerably smarter) than its previous appearance.

Flexity 015 Arrives

The latest Flexity delivery is of 015 which arrived on the 8th of June which makes 14 out of the 16 now at Blackpool. The procedure for all recent deliveries has been for the tram to move under its own power where 015 travelled across Blackpool rails for the first time, with the ‘crab’ shunter seemingly used very little.



  1. I would not want to pay the £5 00 roundtrip heritage price, for the Heritage tour, and board the centenary car. This tram does not represent vintage or heritage car, like the other trams been used for the tours. Like Balloon 717, Princess Alice or the Boat Cars, Due to the lack of use, and absence of the modified Balloons on the Pleasure Beach/Cleveleys Service, wouldnt it be great to see there presence on the promenade, and use them on the Heritage Tour, I personally think they would be more favoured than the Centenary Cars. Having read the possibility of using a Twin Car on the Heritage Tour, is also a fantastic idea.

    • Hi Michael,
      Personally I find the heritage tickets to be good value, especially at a £10 day ticket which allows unlimited use on all Blackpool Transport vehicles, though the difference looks large from the standard £4.50 day ticket which is very cheap in comparison to any other bus company. I agree there needs to be a balance in which trams work the heritage service, the use of a Centenary car will undoubtedly only be enjoyed by enthusiasts so to ensure regular passengers purchase the ticket perhaps the likes of 40, 66, 147 or one of the illuminated fleet should operate as the other tram.


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